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    I’ve made a new roleplay tumblr. I’m new to it but I’ve been into roleplay for about 9 months. I roleplay Artemis Crock, Stephanie Brown, and occasionally Rose Wilson. Go ahead and send me a post if you’d like :)

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    One will rise

    Robin -> Nightwing

    one will fall

    Garth.. or aqualad..

    one will die

    Aquagirl D:

    thisgamegivesmefeelsandsuspenseandugh canitcomeoutalready

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    J’onn J’onzz is ‘Megan the Martian’s’ uncle on her mom’s side, which means J’onzz would be her mom’s maiden name. M’gann’s grandparents would have had the last name J’onzz too.

    Granny Jones is ‘Megan the character’s’ grandmother. 

    Greg, you little troll.


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"Is he really in there?" Artemis glared fecklessly at the closed door that was acting as a block between her and a certain someone she hadn’t seen in a few years. 
"Artemis… We wouldn’t have called you up here if he weren’t.. We understood you leaving us,.. we wouldn’t stoop to this low of a level just to have you return." Dick grabbed her hand as he pulled her in for a hug. She accepted as she could feel the strain of her heart sinking to her stomache. "He’s home, Artemis." He gently released her. He overlooked her as he led her to the Watchtowers clinic. "You showed up as Tigress, Why?.." 
She tried to keep up with his pace of walking. She would never get use to Dick being so tall. “I had to keep an open mind.. Tigress is what kept me through this.. Losing..” She couldn’t force out the name she desperately tried to pronounce.”Him. It’s what I will carry until I have absolute closure that he is here…”
They both stood before the door as Nightwing striked his knuckles against the wooden entrance. He let a deep breath escape his lips. ”..I understand.” 
A woman with blonde hair and unforgettable red lips opened the door. “Artemis.. Please come in.” 
Tigress turned to Nightwing for a moment, as a way of reassuring the request Canary had asked. He nodded slowly as he pressed his palm against her back. Artemis slowly entered the room, unable to stabilize the building weight on her legs. 
"I’ll be outside with Richard. I assume you need some time alone." Artemis lightly tripped over her own feet upon entering. 
Her body felt as if it was begging to give out. “…r..temis.” She heard a small whisper from the opposite side of the room. She turned to face the man with red hair.. her heart completely sinking to her gutt this time. She  strolled as quickly as her legs could allow and she kneeled on the side of the bed.
"Wally?" She forced out the name as she overlooked his face, pressing her palm against his jaw. The human beneath her responded to the name, turning his face towards her and forming a huge smile, belting out words louder and clearer than his previous try. "Babe." 
I tried to do a fanfiction. and a photoshop. does that count?
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So that Spitfire reunion? It happened (: 
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    I so just did this
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So this just happened on my dash
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    yaknow along with tempest

    and kaldur

    and aoefjafoiaejfa

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    idk what im doing just what with photoshop